Helping Children Express Themselves Through Play

I help children who are angry, defiant, depressed, or who have been through a traumatic experience to grow into cooperative, balanced, happy kids. Through talk and play therapy, I will help your children learn to express their feelings and develop positive coping skills. Each week, you will be invited to the therapy room to tell me how your child is doing and what counseling concerns you have. We may also schedule family therapy sessions to help build or re-build a positive, communicative relationship for your family.

As a play therapist and counselor my role is to help children express themselves and use their strengths to heal. I have training and experience in working with families and children who have experienced family violence; persons who have been victims of abuse, and children who have been traumatized. My training as a play therapist has helped me become creative and authentic in my counseling.

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Play Therapy is based on an approach to therapy that builds on the communication and learning processes of children.  Children ( ages 3-10 ) typically express their feelings and experiences by acting out scenarios in a playful way. It is through play that children know and accept themselves and others.

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