Counseling Services 

I provide counseling and therapy for adolescents, tweens, teens, and adults with depression, anxiety, anger issues, relationship problems or family conflict.  I also have expertise and training in working with adolescents and adults who have suffered from trauma or abuse.

Family Counseling and Parent Coaching

I work with families who are having a hard time getting along.  Parent coaching will teach you effective ways for helping your children with their behavior issues, their fights with their siblings, defiance or problems in school.  You’ll leave my office with more effective ways to talk to your kids.  Family counseling can create a safe place for each family member to express their worries about how things are in the home.  If needed, counseling with your child or teenager can offer a safe place to talk out their confused feelings and feel more positive about themselves and their family.

If you are considering divorce I can help you through the transition. Divorce can be really hard on all members of the family. I am experienced at helping parents divide their one home into two.  In counseling, I can help you understand how to talk to your children about making this change in their lives. Individual counseling with your child or teenager can help them talk out their sadness and anger and manage their conflicted feelings.

For Adolescents and Children 

Is your child or teenager having problems in school? Or is she experiencing depression, anxiety, out of control anger or mood swings?  Counseling can help your child or teenager sort out their feelings and understand themselves.  Through counseling, they learn coping skills to help them when they feel overwhelmed by their feelings. Pre-teens and teenagers benefit from having a safe place to explore their thoughts and feelings.

Play Therapy for Children

Children younger than 10 may not have the words they need to talk about their feelings.  Play is the language of children and through play, children can process their thoughts and feelings about complicated situations. I help children who are angry, defiant, depressed, or who have been through a traumatic experience to grow into cooperative, balanced, happy kids. Through talk and play therapy, I will help your children learn to express their feelings and develop positive coping skills. Each week, you will be invited to the therapy room to tell me how your child is doing and what counseling concerns you have. We may also schedule family therapy sessions to help build or re-build a positive, communicative relationship for your family.

For Individuals

I have years of experience and specialized training in working with adults and children who have experienced trauma. 

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Grief and Loss

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